Four Star Books offers design and typesetting services for books, journals, magazines, booklets, brochures, newsletters, posters, and identity. We deliver a polished product in an organized and timely manner, and we deliver it in cleanly formatted files that facilitate error-free printing and reprinting. Read on to learn more about our services. To see a selection of our work, please visit the portfolio section.


A design should ultimately showcase, not showboat. We will work with you to ensure your book, publication, or logo has a look and feel that appropriately represents your press, company, or organization. We can work within your existing brand, enhance your current look, or create a completely new style. Please visit Four Star Books' portfolio section to see some design samples.


We are proficient at composition in both Quark and InDesign, and we will use whichever program is more convenient to your in-house setup. We partner our expert knowledge of these two powerful applications with a developed eye for clean and error-free typesetting.

We operate from a set of consistant guidelines when managing and checking your project at each stage. To start, we can accept editorially correct files, or we can enter the revisions to your files from your copyedited manuscript. From there, each set of proofs, from first pages to final pages, is meticulously checked and rechecked. Although we do not specialize in math typesetting, we are adept at handling a moderate amount of math and special characters, including foreign languages.

Please visit Four Star Books' portfolio section to see some typesetting samples.

Art and Tables

If you supply hard copy of original art, we can scan and place high-res images. For some projects, it may be preferable for the printer to create the high-res scans. In those cases, we can scan image placeholders and supply files to the printer for a low-res/high-res swap.

Sometimes digital art supplied by the client needs tweaking. We can clean up your images and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your images look their best. This includes photo touchups, color correcting, balancing contrast, removing dust specks and red eye, and sharpening the image.

We can create new vector illustrations or recreate poor quality illustrations. We are also adept at creating tables and graphs of all levels of complexity. We can recreate graphs, figures, and illustrations from your original files suitable for publication.

Print Production

We can help you find a local or online printer. If you already have a printer in mind, we will contact them for their guidelines for generating final files. The files can be shipped directly to the printer, to you, or can be uploaded to an FTP site. We can also work with you to review final proofs and attend press checks, if needed.

Archiving & Reprints

The last step in the process is archiving final source files, art, fonts, and any other files essential to the printing of your book. Four Star Books' archiving system allows for quick and easy reprinting.